Konstantinos NIkolaou, MD/PhD

Dr Konstantinos Nikolaou,MD/Ph is a graduate of Athens University Medical School. He trained in Pediatrics at the 2nd Pediatric Department of «The Agia Sofia» Children Hospital in Athens and was CLinical Research Fellow at the Neonatal Division of the 2nd Athens University Ob.&Gyn. Department .

He has a PhD in Perinatal Medicine-Neonatology from Athens University Medical School  and has published 23 articles in peer reviewed Medical Journals, congresses and books. He has also succesfully completed 2 postgraduate programs in Pediatric Nutrition (Post Graduate Program in Pediatric Nutrition, Boston University-School of Medicine, 2017 & Early Nutrition Specialist, Ludwig-Maximilians Universitat Munchen, 2019) and many seminars,  amongst which the ALSO course (Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics), "Human Health and Global Enviromental Change" course of study (Harvard University/edX) and "Communication & Crisi Management" (Athens University VTC).

 He has also been active in the field of Health Unit Management, having been a Member of the Board of Directors of the "Agia Sophia" Children's Hospital, Deputy Manager of the Psychiatric Hospital of Attica, Member of the Hospital Management Committee of the Ministry of Health and Member of the Education-Retraining Committee of the Central Health Council (KESY).

He has participated in voluntary humanitarian missions, including the Hellenic Aid mission in Sri Lanka for the victims of the Tsunami, and has received 2 Distinguished Service Awards from the Greek Goverment.

He operates a Pediatric Office in Agios Dimitrios, Attica, while at the same time he is an Attending Physician at the Emergency Department of the IASO Children's Hospital.

Above all, he is a proud father of 2  and a proud doctor of 100s of children.